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Healthcare: Today, the ability to afford health care is out of reach for too many Kansans. We carry too much of the health care burden out of pocket—and it keeps people from getting ahead. And stagnant wages compounded with a lack of good-paying jobs means health care is an option that falls by the wayside for many. We believe Kansans should be able to afford access to quality health care, regardless of income level and without discrimination. Kansas should expand access to low-income families and individuals. Kansas should work to reduce prescription drug costs that stress household budgets, and we need to pursue the kinds of economic opportunities and job growth that bring health care benefits with them.

Housing: Too many Kansans can no longer afford to pay their rent, and it's getting too expensive to buy a home. We need leaders who will prioritize building apartments and houses that ordinary people can actually afford in every zip code in Kansas. And people should be able to afford to live in a place that is safe and where there is a good school for their children.

The Facts

13.1% of Kansans
avoided seeking health care due to cost in 2020.

America’s Health Rankings
plus pharmacy

9.2% of Kansas residents

lack health insurance.


Ranked 40th
in public
health funding

(only $64 per resident)

America’s Health Rankings

Kansas is ranked 40th in kids' health and access to health care.


Our Issues

Kansans deserve wages and jobs that value the employee.

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Investing in public schools means investing in our children’s future.

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Safe Communities

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Policies should promote public safety and the health and safety of every Kansan.

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