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Wages: Kansans deserve wages and jobs that value the employee. We need jobs that pay good wages that can support a working family. Kansans need job opportunities that come with benefits and a career path. Our economy should be geared to promote real opportunity to achieve and maintain a middle-class life.

Industries: Kansas is bleeding jobs and talent because our leaders are keeping us stuck in the past. Kansans shouldn’t have to move to another state to get a good-paying job. If we want to make Kansas a place where young, talented people and job creators want to live, it needs to be a place that reflects their values too. Instead of propping up the low-wage jobs and dying industries that only benefit the rich and powerful, we can modernize into green new energy, technology, medical research, and an economy that works for everyone.

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Health Care

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Kansans need affordable and accessible health care.

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Investing in public schools means investing in our children’s future.

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Safe Communities

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Policies should promote public safety and the health and safety of every Kansan.

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