Safe Communities

Kansas Has Some Of The

Gun Laws

In the Country

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Safe Communities: We believe policies should promote public safety through adoption of increased and modernized police training, increased investment in behavioral and mental health services, and reducing the criminalization of drug use through smart policy changes like legalizing marijuana. Structural changes we make in the ways we keep communities safe must be aided by the laws in place to reduce violent threats. Commonsense gun reform is essential to making our state a safer place to live and work. We believe steps should be taken to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, people who cannot pass background checks, and people who are a risk to themselves or family members. These aren’t restrictions—they’re preventions. And they’re common sense.

Thrive for every Kansan: We believe Kansans should live free of discrimination, protected from it by law, and able to flourish as valued members of their community. Backwards thinking, institutional failure, and tired political fights have kept Kansas from moving forward to become the fully inclusive, equitable place it can—and must—be for future generations. We also believe that fully promoting the health and safety of every Kansan means protecting a woman’s right to determine her own health care choices.

The Facts

Nearly 60% of intimate partner homicides in Kansas involve a gun.


From 2008 to 2017,

707 people under age 25

were killed with a gun in Kansas.


Annual cost of gun violence: 1.9 billion ($665 per resident)


In 2017, Kansas had the 17th-highest gun death rate in the country and exported crime guns at the 20th-highest rate.


Our Issues

Kansans deserve wages and jobs that value the employee.

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Health Care

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Kansans need affordable and accessible health care.

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Investing in public schools means investing in our children’s future.

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