Governor Kelly

Kansas, Governor Kelly is working for us! She is tackling our state’s issues one by one. Thank our Governor for all she has done and take a glimpse at the progress she has made:

Education Funding:

Governor Kelly has passed new legislation that guarantees K-12 funding through 2024. This investment in our children’s education will provide them, as well as educators, with the tools they need to succeed.1

Grocery Tax:

Everyday essentials are becoming too expensive and causing unnecessary financial burdens for families. That’s why Governor Kelly worked tirelessly to axe the grocery tax. Eliminating the grocery tax will put more money back into the pockets of Kansans.2

Balancing the Budget:

Governor Kelly has stabilized the state’s finances and left Kansas in the best budget position in a generation. Governor Kelly accomplished this all without raising your taxes.3

Small Business Support:

Kansas small business owners now have an opportunity to access new funding. Governor Kelly has just made over $69 million available – helping these businesses succeed and break barriers.

Access to Affordable Housing:

Governor Kelly understands how difficult it is to buy a home in the current housing market. That’s why she recently signed legislation that will incentivize developers to construct new affordable housing, specifically in rural areas.4

1. House Bill 2567; 2. House Bill 2106; 3. House Bill Sub 267; 4. House Bill 2237