Education for All Kansas Children

Every child deserves a quality education, regardless of background or zip code. We need to fairly fund public education. Strong public schools attract businesses, boost local economies, and enhance property values. Investing in education creates a skilled workforce that drives innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth. Strong public schools mean a stronger Kansas.

Some leaders in Kansas are trying to undermine the foundation of public education by introducing voucher schemes. Vouchers make education less equitable and divert resources away from public schools, where 90% of Kansas children go to learn.

Affordable and Accessible Health Care

Today, too many Kansans cannot afford quality healthcare. We strongly advocate for affordable access to quality healthcare, regardless of income or zip code.  Leaders in Topeka must work to reduce prescription drug costs that stress household budgets and pursue the kinds of economic opportunities and job growth that bring health care benefits with them.

Good-Paying Jobs

Our economy should promote real opportunity to achieve and maintain a middle-class life. Making a living shouldn’t require working two jobs. We believe economic freedom is possible when corporations act responsibly, small businesses can flourish, and working families are respected.

Safe and Strong Communities

Commonsense gun reform is essential to making our state safer to live and work. We believe steps should be taken to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, people who cannot pass background checks, and people who are a risk to themselves or family members. These aren’t restrictions—they’re preventions. And they’re common sense.