Six Reasons Why You Should Vote in Your Local School Board Elections

  1. Direct Impact on Education: School boards make important decisions about curriculum, funding, and policies that directly affect the quality of education in your community. Your vote can influence these decisions.
  1. Budget Allocation: School boards decide how to allocate resources, including funding for schools and programs. Your vote can help prioritize investments in areas you believe are most crucial.
  1. Shaping the Future: The policies and decisions made by school boards can have long-lasting effects on your community and its future generations. Voting today can shape the educational landscape for years to come.
  1. Quality of Life: Strong schools are a cornerstone of a thriving community. Voting in your local school board race can contribute to your community’s overall quality of life. 
  1. Voice for Students: If you have children in the school system, voting allows you to be a voice for your children and other students, helping to create a supportive and effective learning environment.
  1. Civic Duty: Participating in local elections is a fundamental civic duty that helps maintain a functioning democracy. It’s an opportunity to exercise your right to influence policies at the grassroots level.

Remember that local elections, like school board races, often have a more immediate and tangible impact on your daily life than national elections, making your vote especially important in shaping your community’s future.

Important Voting Information 

Request Your Advance Ballot Here 

Election Day is November 7 
Polls open from 6 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Absentee Ballot Return Deadlines
In-person, received by November 7, or must be postmarked by close of polls on Election Day and received by the Election Office no later than the Friday after the Election.